I’m just going to start this all off with a post about the joys of kale.

I just recently discovered kale as a food. I’ve never really been a fan of vegetables you have to cook–things you can throw into other stuff, like omelets, great. But a big pan of dark greens? It just never seemed appealing to me.

I tried to give blood a week or two ago, though, and was rejected for low iron. Now, I was a vegetarian for six years, and although I’ve added meat back into my diet slowly (first fish, then chicken, and finally red meat about a year ago), I still don’t like red meat all that much. That’s what people always tell you to eat when you have low iron, though, so I left the Red Cross tent feeling resigned to several evenings of burgers or something.

Then I happened to mention this at yoga, and one of the instructors told me what to do with kale–put it in a pan, throw some olive oil and sea salt and pepper on it, and voila, deliciousness. And she was right! It was amazing.

I ate a bunch of it for dinner (probably about four cups, pre-cooking. although it shrinks down, obviously), and then immediately made another batch to take to work with me today for lunch. I don’t know how it’ll be, reheated but hopefully it’ll be all right.

Anyway, I was happy.