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This morning I went for a run outside.

This isn’t something I’ve done for a long time. I know, I know–how am I supposed to run the half marathon in October? How am I supposed to train or my triathlon? How am I supposed to do anything if I don’t get away from the treadmill and hit the actual pavement?

Running outside makes me very nervous. I’m an awkward runner at best–my body isn’t really built for it, and it’s a struggle pretty much from start to finish every time. I get injured a lot, minor injuries, but still. It makes me nervous to find myself 2 1/2 miles from my apartment with no way to get back but my own feet. I like the safety of the treadmill, the proximity. If something goes wrong, I can just hop off the thing and go upstairs. There’s even an elevator, for goodnessake.

Today, though, I woke up early. Some friend were staying here for the night, and I didn’t want to disturb them with my ridiculous early-itude, so I didn’t feel like I could just hang around the apartment. It hit like a ton of bricks: run outside!

It was awesome. By which I mean, it was hard as hell, but I pushed through it anyway.

I’ve been in a training slump lately–I think I just wore myself out. I’ve been eating like it’s my goddamn JOB, too. My body needs something, but I haven’t been able to figure out what it was.

I think it might have been fresh air.

After I got back from my run, my friends wanted to go for a walk around a reservoir nearby. I took pictures!



I have a spiffy digital Nikon that I’m still kind of learning how to use. I’ll warn you now, there may be some cat pictures in the near future.

So, in sum, I’m excited to have had a chance to get outside. I feel recharged. I feel resolved to make sure it becomes a pattern.

I saw Kate’s post about her excessively chatty fitness instructor yesterday, and I became instantly nervous.

I’m in the process of training to be a pilates instructor (Stott variety). I also taught middle school for a year, where that talk-to-fill-in-gaps method of moving things along was actually very useful; those kids can be darn awkward, and sometimes what they need more than anything is someone to keep the room from going silent so they don’t have a chance to let their awkwardness overwhelm them.

Anyway, as of now, I pledge NOT to let that training slip over into my life as a pilates teacher. I promise!

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